Dimmers & Lighting Controls

We have established a position as market leader in dimmer switches through a constant commitment to product innovation, technical excellence and attention to customer requirements. Due to the innovative technology used throughout the range, Futronix offers high-specification products at low cost without sacrificing quality. Futronix manufactures the only truly digital range of commercial and domestic dimmers. These dimmer switches have no analogue content, making them smaller, more accurate and more reliable.

See below our range of LED dimmer, dimmers, lighting control systems and building automation products. We have solutions for both domestic use in residential homes and for use in a variety of commercial buildings including hotels conference centers, shopping malls, offices, cinemas, auditoriums and other architectural lighting applications.

Dimmers for luxury home use

P50 Dimmer Switch Control Panel The P50 Dimmer Switch - The stylish Futronix P50 dimmer switch is the perfect dimmer to easily replace an existing light switch, as it requires no neutral.
P100 Dimmer Switch Control Panel The P100 Dimmer Switch - The P100 is the ideal dimmer for dining rooms, entertainment rooms and bedrooms. The dimmer, easily operated by a touch of the remote control, has two fully-programmable channels of lighting.
P400 lighting dimmer control panel The P400 Dimmer - Perfect for your home cinema, living areas and den rooms! The Futronix P400 scene dimmers puts the convenience of total room lighting control at your fingertips with four channels of all-digital dimming
P800 Dimmer Switch by Futronix The P800 Dimmer - The P800 dimmer puts the luxury of multi-room control in your hands. Your favourite lighting levels in four rooms can be operated from the attractive wall mounted switch panels. You can create the mood or set the scene in each area for every purpose.
HX home automation system by Futronix -300px HX System dimmer and home automation control - Perfect for residences & condominium units, the Hx features multi-point, multi-channel dimmer, combined with sophisticated switching and networking options typically offered only by much larger centralized dimming systems.
RM40 Home Automation Futronix 300px Home Automation - For switching loads like fluorescent ballasts, non-dim loads and curtain/drape motors. Features high capacity plug-in relays for easy maintenance, and double changeover contacts for dual-motor curtains and drapes.

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Dimmers & Lighting Controls for commercial use

PFX Lighting Control System by futronix PFX Lighting Control Dimmer System - Accurate, quiet in operation and highly reliable, PFX lighting control dimmer systems provide cost effective management of lighting usage combined with building management and security systems.
enviroscene lighting control dimmer by Futronix Enviroscene Dimmer - Powerful yet compact, the Enviroscene multi-channel dimmer controller creates atmospheric lighting environments on any scale for luxury residences (as well as restaurants, bars and cinemas, conference rooms and other commercial applications).
Pfs switching control system futronix 300px PFS System - The PFS Dimming/ Arc-Free relay switching unit is available in 8, 12 or 16 channel formats and is designed for controlling dimmable fluorescent ballasts, dimmable LED lighting, curtain /drape/window shade motors and other motorized equipment such as swimming pool covers and sky lights.

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