PFS System

Complete switching control systems for building automation

The PFS Arc Free Relay Switching Unit

The Futronix PFS lighting and switching controllerThe PFS switching unit for building automation is available in 8, 12 or 16 channel formats and is designed for controlling dimmable fluorescent ballasts, curtain/drape/window shade motors and other motorized equipment such as swimming pool covers and sky lights.

The PFS building automation and lighting control system is designed to control dimming/ switching for:

  • airports
  • offices
  • convention centers
  • cinemas
  • conference facilities
  • places of worship
  • restaurants
  • cruise ships
  • control rooms
  • broadcast studios, etc

Building automation and lighting control

The unit has motor interlocking, for operating dual-motor curtain and drapes.

Inputs and outputs are easily configurable according to function, and can be switched independently, or as part of a scene, an event or macro.

Futronix PFS lighting controller operates the lights in a hospital.
PFS lighting control in a hospital

Adjustable voltage level triggering, which switches fluorescent ballasts ON or OFF at a pre-set point in the dimming curve, can be used for switching the ballast’s power rail, in conjunction with the integral 1-10v converter card.

It can be configured to operate low level control loads such as intruder/fire alarms and AV equipment. Easily configurable features include comparison-switching, where switching only takes place when a logic level input from AV/air conditioning equipment doesn’t match the desired status.

The output can mimic a switch-press that requires a pulse contact closure of variable duration.

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