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Futronix switch panel for pool lighting control

Stylish, robust and timeless, Futronix switch panels combine multiplex functionality with simple elegance. The minimalist design, striking yet unobtrusive, is available in finishes of brushed or polished stainless steel, polished brass, champagne and white metal.

Blending the translucency of glass with modern and unique styling, the Eclipse is available in a range of exciting colours including metallics. The glass is multi-edge faceted to create a smooth and radiant appearance with a unique depth and reflectivity created by the 5mm glass.

Futronix switches use the new ultra-thin interchangeable mounting system from FUTRONIX which provides a secure locking mechanism while eliminating unsightly screwholes and showcasing the simple elegance of the minimalist design.

Futronix comprehensive range of X-Bus switch panels includes glass and metal finishes and allows users to mix and match functionality, as well as finishes.

Futronix dimmers and switch panel outstations are visually designed to complement each other. Combined with the wide variety of switch panel function styles, owners can mix & match mastering and functionality, as well as finishes.

Futronix switch panels are available with functionality ranging from simple 3-button panels up to 12-button panels, all providing an appropriate level of complexity. Simple ‘one-touch' commands for most functions means users do not need to search through complex menu trees to operate simple functions.

Decor panels are crafted of robust 2mm solid metal and individually hand-finished.

We make switch panels for dual-zone control, for ‘trail of light’ panels for bedsides, for ‘welcome’ scenes – and many other dedicated functions. All switch panels feature ON/OFF switches so even the house guest or cleaner can operate them easily – a much appreciated feature. Both decor plates and switch operation are fully interchangeable.

Eclipse Switch Panels

Futronix Eclipse logo Futronix Eclipse switch panel selection

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Stainless Steel Panels

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Sahara Switch Panels

Futronix Sahara-logo Futronix Sahara Switch Panel Selection

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