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Below are unedited customer comments shown as received with the only changes being spelling corrections (N.B.comments dated prior to December 2015 were transferred from our old website).

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  • John says:

    I have a P400 dimmer that has given be sterling service for 12 years.
    thank you for that for a start!
    Back in the day, the only options were filament, halogen or low
    voltage lamps. Now there are mains voltage LED replacements.
    Are these suitable with the P400?
    Another matter of note; I have never had a blown halogen bulb in these
    12 years.

  • Cecil says:

    As for the Futronix, I have a P800 which I had professionally wired in (well my electrician was putting in dedicated Home Cinema cabling & CAT5e so cost me little to add!).
    The electrician was very pleased with the device and ease of install. The instructions for installation and use are very clear, and I have had one occasion to speak to Futronix to later clarify which low voltage transformers I should use with it, and found them extremely helpful.
    Best of all, much to the annoyance of one of my pals, the P800 outperforms his Lutron controller in its functionality. :laugh: :clap: :rotfl: So…
    I would also recommend Futronix without any hesitation at all.

  • Tim says:

    I have now fitted 7 of your P100 to P800 range of dimmers in customers’ home cinema rooms. They are all working fantastic, with extremely high reliability, and extremely happy customers! I first fitted the P800 in my own cinema room, thinking I may have gone a little over the top, but upon completion of the programming quickly realised that this dimmer was the most impressive piece of kit in the whole room!! No home cinema would be complete without one! I shall carry on recommending your products to all future customers.

  • Herbert says:

    Hello, I recently bought a P400 dimmer and am very pleased, in fact I would like to order another dimmer, a P100. I have also spoken with other persons in my firm about these dimmers and they are also interested in the Futronix line of dimmers.


  • Mark says:

    I would like to, albeit a little belatedly, offer my sincere thanks to all those who I have dealt with in sales and support at Futronix whilst setting up my Enviroscene system.
    Praise enough if there was a fault with the system, but the problem eventually boiled down to a small number of faulty (Low voltage lighting) transformers in a couple of circuits. So, with those replaced, the units re-installed and programmed I was able to enjoy a pleasantly illuminated Christmas! With much appreciation and kind regards.

  • S. Kirby says:

    Dear Sir,Madam
    I have finally fitted the P400 dimmer I bought earlier this year. Thankfully it was a lot easier to fit than I had first imagined. The Instruction manual is comprehensive and easy to understand making the whole job of fitting and programming relatively straightforward. The ability to set scenes about a room depending on activity is a luxury that doesn’t necessarily cost fortunes.


  • Howard says:

    Dear Sir
    I’ve tried what you suggested and…..it works. Frustration over! Many thanks for your assistance, and for the extremely quick reply. My general experience of support services is quite poor, and it is heartening to find a company that provides such an excellent level of support as yours.

    Thanks again,

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