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Below are unedited customer comments shown as received with the only changes being spelling corrections (N.B.comments dated prior to December 2015 were transferred from our old website).

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  • David S says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for fixing my P400 dimmer unit so quickly. It’s quite rare these days that you get good service from a company but you did a great job and I am very grateful with your fast, efficient, and good quality service. I would thoroughly recommend yourself and your products to anyone.

    > > Many Thanks

  • Ralph S says:

    Dear Sirs
    Enclosed you will find some pictures of my home-cinema. I have been building it for the last one and a half years, just completing it this year. I have used a P800 dimmer and I think it was the best solution for my cinema. I hope you will enjoy the pictures!

  • Tony says:

    I have to say that everyone that has seen the Futronix P800 in action is extremely impressed – the electrician was very complementary about the ease of installation and I would recommend the system to anyone that was looking for a lighting control system. In fact one of my work colleagues ordered a P100 from my recommendation….

  • Robert, Surrey says:

    Hi, I purchased a couple of P100 ‘s from you last year and have been very pleased with them. I now want to buy two more white P100 ‘s but don’t need the remote control ( as I already have one ) how much would you sell them to me for without the remote controls or manuals?

  • Mark, Cheshire says:

    The P400 dimmer I purchased from you is still going strong and an outstanding product. It controls the lighting in a small home cinema installation and still amazes my guests with its programmed light shows. I would like to receive one of your new brochures. Thanks again for a well engineered product.

  • Herbert B says:

    Hello again, I am in the process of moving and before I sell my house and leave the P400 which I have enjoyed, I want to be sure that the P400 and the P800 are still available in the US (in brass) and if so what is the current cost so that I can purchase a new dimmer when I relocate. Thanks

  • Ian B says:

    Thanks, I spoke with your staff yesterday evening who sorted the problem with absolute ease and courtesy. Please pass on my appreciation to them, and I thank you for the excellent customer support on this occasion.

  • Jason says:

    Thanks so much for an incredible product at an amazing price. I have been living with a P400 in my front room for about 18 months now, and it has never let me down. We just chatted about this as I am thinking about another one for my kitchen. The resounding conclusion is that it has changed our lives! I am placing an order for another P400 tomorrow!

  • David S says:

    I really didn’t want to ruin my home cinema room with having to get up and set light dimmers to a level that would be good for watching a film. So I searched the internet for a solution – namely a remote control light switch.

    I came across a few different types, but they all seemed to be too commercial for what I needed. I then ‘ stumbled’ upon the Futronix site. This site has domestic dimmers for sale in the form of the P100 Eclipse. This was it!! I had found what I was looking for, all for an amazing price. The only downside about this unit was the size of the remote control that comes with it, but I knew that I would be using a universal remote, so this remote was just stored in my cupboard (along with all the other remotes!).

  • john says:

    Futronix Lighting customer web site page:
    Controlling the lighting is a Futronix dimmer panel mounted on the wall. Its remote codes are programmed into the Sony Remote. The unit is excellent in that it can control a number of lighting circuits, hence I fitted ceiling downlighting, floor lights and fibre optic lighting into the coffee table. It looks very impressive when you activate the programme macros. The whole lighting system cost less than £400. This has to be one of my best buys. Many really high-tech lighting systems are simply too expensive. There is no way I could justify spending thousands of pounds on a unit I could get at a fraction of the cost. Futronix is a very friendly company providing excellent customer service.

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