Tiffany Flagship Store, China

PFX lighting controllers create intimate viewing areas, imaginative shop displays and illuminating exteriors

Tiffany's flagship Beijing's store uses Futronix PFX dimmers throughout, to create displays and illuminate the exterior.
Tiffany Flagship store – Beijing China

Tiffany’s, world-renowned for its style, charm and tradition was created 170 years ago in New York. Drawing on inspiration from their famous store on Fifth Avenue, this third international flagship store, located in Beijing’s Central Business District, is built around Tiffany’s famous blue box theme. With landscaped gardens and waterfalls it’s one of the most beautiful multi-function jewelry buildings – as well as the world’s largest.

Tiffany Yellow Diamond The external walls consist of Tiffany blue leaf textured and faceted transparent glass, complemented by crafted metal. Dazzling lights illuminate the exterior design adding even more luster and exquisiteness to the stores famous yellow diamond jewelry.

Inside, the store contains spacious jewelry display areas, VIP service spaces and a duplex restaurant. Other fine details include custom-designed European mouth blown glass chandeliers, white Italian marble staircase and Thai silk hand-tufted carpets

Futronix PFX lighting control system for Tiffany's Beijing. The store uses Futronix PFX lighting controllers throughout, to create intimate viewing areas, imaginative shop displays for both day and night and illuminate the exterior. Two 10A PFX-810 lighting controllers and one 5A PFX-1205 lighting controller was used along with built-in timer for automatic scene selection.

In luxury retail establishments that contain such high value merchandise, security is of primary concern. Here the security system is linked into the Futronix Lighting system to ensure a full on set of lighting levels are enabled in case of emergency.

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