Genesis Mannequins

Genesis is the premier manufacturer and supplier of mannequins to the worlds retail fashion industry. Each mannequin has a character unique to Genesis and is designed for the perfect presentation of fashion. GENESIS was the first manufacturer in the world to produce mannequins with innovative and ecological raw materials. Each mannequin is produced with the largest possible percentage of high-quality bio resin organic material. The use of bio resin ensures robust mannequins that are more durable, longer-lasting and of higher quality.

The showroom, on 25th street New York is designed to display the real life benefits and unique features of the Genesis mannequin figures. The Futronix PFX1605 with wall switches and remote control is used to operate all the LED lighting in the Genesis Mannequin showroom. The lighting system is programmed with many combinations of lighting effects and is designed to show the mannequins in various real life retail settings.

Genesis Mannequins USA
151 W. 25th Street

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