LTA Academy Auditorium, Singapore

Singapore Emergency Training Centre

Auditorium lighting dimmer for the LTA Academy
lighting control system at Singapore LTA academy auditorium
The Land Transit Authority (LTA) of Singapore was launched in 2006 to accommodate the training needs of those working in the transport and emergency services, both in Singapore and throughout the region.

The ongoing success of the project led to the opening of the LTA Academy auditorium in 2009. With its high curved acoustic ceiling and interior finishes of brush box and white birch timber it is designed to meet the highest acoustic, design and safety standards.

To control the various functions of the space, the Academy chose Futronix intelligent lighting systems combining the functional needs of both stage presentations and ambient lighting in the audience spaces.

The auditorium includes a variety of lighting features. The undulating ceiling panels obscure the cold-cathode light sources, providing a glare-free view of the stage. Additional flush-mounted downlights in the panels themselves provide for situations required a brighter working environment. Thus the area can be readily transformed from a dramatic theatre to a academic workroom at the press of a button.

Along the perimeter, concealed downlights illuminate the stairs while white laminate threads add both a sense of dimension and orientation for emergency exits.

The functionality of the space is completed with a concealed bay for front projection and stage lighting.

The entire auditorium and adjacent social spaces is monitored from the AV control room at the back of the theatre. Using Futronix Enviroscene lighting controls in conjunction with a colour touch screen, the staff control all the functions required: audio, lighting and audio-visual all from the one graphical interface.

Stainless steel switch panels, flush-mounted match the subtle tones of the grey interior and provide convenient localized control of lighting scenes.

The Futronix reputation for reliability and ease of use comes into its own in this dynamic interaction of the practical and the engaging. The LTA Academy's choice of Futronix lighting controls reflects a sound option for emergency services and an intelligent choice for reliable control.

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