Home Resort

Architect designed homes in Thailand

This stunning, architect designed residence is a fine example of a modern home-resort. Encompassing clusters of main buildings, landscaped grounds, infinity pool and spa, terraces with spectacular views, luxurious indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, home cinema and games room, custom kitchen, and master suite bedrooms and bathrooms.

The house located in Thailand was completed in 2011 to the highest specification and includes all modern conveniences, including air conditioning throughout, Siematic kitchen, distributed Bose audio and a Futronix programmable lighting system.

The interior designed property features Futronix glass eclipse switches throughout. The charcoal glass switches were selected to contrast and highlight the modern interior design beloved of the Italian owner.

The lighting for the entire property is controlled by the Futronix Enviroscene system, Home-Icon touch screen and wall mounted Eclipse switches.

The residence relies on automation to control the numerous systems required to support and service a property of this size and complexity, with intelligent lighting control the vanguard of specified systems. And as with all home-automation, convenient and intuitive ease of operation was an important feature for the owners and their guests.

Home-resorts by definition have numerous rooms and levels with many entrances and outdoor areas. With homes of this nature, and many owners too busy to supervise the final lighting layout during design and construction, it is often impossible to ascertain just how an area will be used until it is occupied. Flexible software-based lighting control systems with multi point/multi-channel switching - and the ability to operate with all types of standard and specialized lamps, including coloured LED - allow lighting 'scenes' and operations to be finalized at commissioning stage, and easily reprogrammed at any time thereafter to suit a customer's wishes. And of course, system failure would be unthinkable in such a property, so 24-hour/365-day operational reliability, elimination of single-point-of-failure, ease of maintenance and superb product support are of overriding importance for any residential lighting control system.

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