The 6-star Empire Hotel and Country Club

Specialist lighting for a 6 Star Hotel

The 6-star Empire Hotel and Country Club is an extraordinary luxurious and uncompromisingly palatial hotel that sits on the edge of one of the world's oldest and best-preserved rainforests.

The hotel lobby is an opulent 12-story atrium, looking like a royal palace with its magnificent, gilt-edged marble columns and a sweeping staircase with gold-plated semi-precious stone inlays. Housed within the stately Empire is a stunning array of art pieces.

The Empire, part of The Leading Hotels of the World, is owned by a member of the Brunei Royal Family. The hotel extends the kingdom's regal hospitality to all its guests, which often includes visiting heads of states, diplomats, and celebrities.

Indera Samudra Grand Hall

As Brunei’s premier venue for banquets and conferences, the Grand Ballroom exudes gilt-edge sophistication and awe inspiring grandeur. The Grand Ballroom

High level dignitaries and functionaries attending an event at the Empire hotel, Brunei.
Empire hotel -guest and dignatories

seats up to 1500 guests for a formal dinner, and up to 3,000 for theatre style seating. It has been selected as the host venue for regional government, corporate and travel related events.

The Grand Ballroom, pre-function, conference and syndicate room lighting is controlled by a network of Futronix PFX racks. Flexibility and ease of use are two important aspects of lighting a ballroom. There are three hall dividing partitions which can enclose the room into four distinct areas which then operate independently. The switches mounted in each hall then select new sets of lighting scenes configured for the ambience of the new space. Programming and configuration interface is via the Futronix graphical HI touchscreen.

With international functions and VIP guests ease of maintenance can also be important. The dimmer racks are neatly housed along one wall in a large walk through electrical room.

The PFX racks have quick release covers and separate hinged access to electrical components only. Heat build up in the room is of no consequence as the body of the racks (left and right) sides are one huge custom finned, aluminium extrusion heatsink. This conducts heat away from the power devices without relying on mechanical fans which can fail. Under the quick release covers lies unobstructed access to all the modules including the high powered Alternistors and digital boards which are mounted on easy change connectors.

A montage of images showing the facilities at the Empire hotel, Brunei.
Facilities at the Empire Hotel

With exceptional build quality and an expected product life of 20+ years the PFX system looks set to illuminate many functions and dignitaries for years to come.

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