Brubecks Restaurant, Dublin

Cold Cathode lamps controlled by Futronix Enviroscene

Brubecks Restaurant is located in the fashionable Ballsbridge area of Dublin. It has no natural light – so instead it was decided to design a custom 10 ft x 45 ft artificial twin skylight. This was backlit by colored cold cathodes to provide even, low-maintenence illumination to simulate the colors of the natural sky. The individual cold cathodes and the other lighting is systems are controlled using a Futronix Enviroscene digital scene dimmer.

The Enviroscene has a built-in time clock which automatically fades between programmed scenes during the day. The scenes are set up to allow the atrium to fade from blue sky in the morning, through various hues during the day, to a deep blue/mauve at night.

In addition the remaining areas are target lit with narrow-angled low voltage downlighters to provide comfortable illumination for diners, without raising ambient levels of light in the interior.

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