ON-AIR Radio Studio, Kuwait

KBS Kuwait upgrades studios with digital broadcast & lighting equipment

The Kuwait Broadcast Service (KBS), is a major radio broadcasting and performance facility operated by the Ministry of Information (MOI) for the government of Kuwait. The facility encompasses nine radio stations, five drama studios, four editing suites, three live music/rehearsal spaces and one large concert hall.

The On-Air First Radio Channel studio and On-Air Super Station Studio handle live-to-air radio programming for 5 different Radio Kuwait stations. Programming includes This is Kuwait, a daily live interview, news and information show; dedicated talk and news shows and programs featuring English and European music, as well as religious programming.

LED dimmer operates the lighting in the radio studioLighting Controls by Futronix at KBS Studios
The primary requirement of television and radio station studio equipment is that it must be highly reliable and, in the case of lighting equipment, inaudible. Futronix PFX-8 lighting controls were selected for the ON-Air studios and control rooms due to their quality, reliability and near silent operation. The flexible PFX-8 were supplied with eight channels of high quality dimming and an additional four channels of arc-free relay switching for non-dimmable low energy lamps.

The specification called for automatic detection of occupants for energy savings when the studios are unoccupied. This was realised using four strategically placed infra-red detectors connected to the Futronix system. In use, studio engineers operate the lighting controls via the Futronix PC Windows interface, by remote control and also from the wall mounted stainless steel switches.

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