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Ambiance - V5 issue 5 Page 4

5/5 Page 4

Unique Hx dimmer steals the limelight (cont'd)

The Hx Dimmer is operated from Futronix Eclipse switchpanels – and Hx Dimmer modules can be linked to provide up to 36 channels of multi-zone dimmer.

For smaller residences, simplicity and convenience of centralized one-touch control of lighting in several rooms is a major attraction, as owners can avoid the inconvenience of getting up repeatedly to alter lights and other systems from manual switchpoints. The Hx is perfect for lighting open plan condominium areas, with several zones requiring different types and levels of lighting – and possibly other system automation as well.

The Hx Dimmer provides the ultimate in flexible hotel guestroom dimmer, with all lighting for suites and guestrooms controlled by Hx Dimmer units – either free-standing or networked to the BMS (Building Management System). In spa resorts Hx Dimmers linked to a Futronix Reception Controller at Reception allows lighting, drapes, and other welcoming features to be operating before guests arrive at their bungalow.

For smaller offices and conference rooms the Hx Dimmer is the optimum solution for open-plan offices requiring a concealed centralized system with discrete dimmer over individual work area, control of compact fluorescent lamps and controlled operation of curtains, drapes and A/V equipment.

The electrician-friendly Hx Dimmer is specifically designed for concealed installation with the dimmer unit wall-mounted above the ceiling or in an electrical cupboard or void.

The all-new Hx Dimmer – an innovative, powerful dimmer & building automation system designed for both residential and commercial use . . . from Futronix!

Open plan kitchen and stairs

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