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Ambiance - V5 issue 5 Page 2

5/5 Page 2

Dimmer for Shanghai 's Huashan Hospital (cont'd)

The newly built hospital, designed by American architects, required comprehensive dimmers – over 550 channels in all.

Most of the project was relay switching control of low-energy high-efficiency compact fluorescents, providing efficient energy management and light usage, with flexible centralized control of discrete areas.

Lobby and Clinic
The ICU clinic is off to the immediate left of the circular reception counter. ICU bays are fronted by nurse's stations, with recessed and direct overhead fluorescent lighting. Futronix stainless switchpanels are located strategically for convenient control. Three Futronix PFR's and 12 PRF units control lighting in this area, operated from 32 SP8 switchplates in brushed stainless finish.

Sick Rooms
On the 3rd and 4th levels are private luxury hospital bedrooms – at US$ 800 per night – with direct and indirect compact fluorescent lighting, controlled by a total of 16 PFX dimmer racks operated from 16 SP8 switchpanels.

Below-ground Lab and Lecture Rooms
A below-ground facility accommodates teaching and lab areas, with side-view skylights which admit natural light. Four Futronix PFR switching racks controlled by sensors are designed and programmed to provide a mixture of natural daylight and fluorescent lighting for these areas.

Office and Nurse's Room
Located in a glass-fronted room to the righthand side of the main atrium, this area includes cleverly recessed lighting around a rectangular stainless steel alcove, controlled by a cupboard-mounted dimmer rack operating on an integral timer. A total of 8 PFR switching racks and 14 SP8 switchpanels are installed in this area.

Conference Room, Meeting Rooms and Offices
Located on the 6th and 7th floors are conference rooms, meeting rooms and offices, with remotely-controlled dimmable lighting and AV interface fitted.

Hygienic Stainless Steel Switchpanels
Futronix hand finished switch panels in Brushed Stainless SteelAll switchpanels throughout the hospital are high-grade stainless steel with blue LED indicators. Chemical resistant SP8-BS switchplates can be cleaned to prevent spread of diseases – a major concern in all hospitals these days when antibiotic-resistant bacteria are always a hazard. Stainless steel switchpanels are already mandatory for hygiene reasons in industrial kitchens in most countries, partly because scratches or marks remain superficial and thus harmful bacteria can't penetrate deeply.

In all, a total of 16 Futronix PFX-1210 dimming racks and 30 PFR-1210 switching racks, together with 80 SP8-BS switchpanels provide Huashan Hospital's latest medical facility with 24/7 reliability, convenience and hygiene in a seamless, professional dimmer system.

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Hospital entrance lighting controls PFS dimmers used to control energy efficient lighting in an office Futronix wall outstation switch panel mounted on a wood paneled wall
left to right:
a waiting area with figured marble deco mural highlighted by amber lighting

well lit offices in serene tones

a Futronix polished stainless switchplate complements natural wood panelling inset with narrow stainless bands

Dimmer used to control the lighting in hotel boardroom
Luxury materials in a conference & board-room

Lighting controls used in a hospital reception
Reception area worthy of a 5-star hotel

Futronix PFX dimmers in an electrical cupboard
Futronix PFR Systems easily fit into electrical cupboards located throughout the facility

Hospital corridor lighting controls
Even the corridors are finished to the highest standards


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