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Ambiance - Volume 6 Issue 2 index

6/2 Index

A complete Enviroscene system lights up a luxurious modern home

A recently completed luxury home in contemporary style is also a striking showcase for the capabilities of Enviroscene intelligent lighting controllers from Futronix.

The two-storied house is built in two wings; the east wing housing lounge, living areas and home-theater on the ground floor, with master bedroom suite and owner's study/den above. In the west wing are dining room, kitchen, and four more bedrooms on the upper floor, and linking the two is the entrance hall with front door, hallway and staircase to the upper landings.

The architect's design was for a spreading, low-rise home, with intelligent dimmers throughout. Both the owner and the lighting designers agreed that dimmer would require 'scene' dimming throughout all main living areas for 'mood' lighting, control of a wide variety of lamp types and locations, mixing natural and artificial light for the home theater during the day, and control of all house lighting from a single point next to the entrance hall.

The solution to creating a seamless multi-zone complete-house dimmer system was specification and installation of twelve Enviroscene Master 805 and 410 dimmer units, with switch panels installed throughout the home and the master 'controller' for all lighting systems – a Home-Icon ® 8.5 inch TFT touch screen – conveniently located in the hallway. Eleven Enviroscene units are in Electrical Cupboards under the stairway and on the landing above, with another unit installed in the garage controlling kitchen and exterior lighting.

Ruggedly reliable Enviroscene units operate multi-point/multi-channel dimming and switching of lighting in all main rooms, with full and independent 'scene setting' in every room, two-way communication to the Home-Icon touch screen – and all types of lighting in the house can be controlled, including continuous tungsten, low voltage, halogen, neon/cold cathode, and fluorescent.

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Futronix showcases progress and reputation in a stunning new brochure!

Futronix Brochure front cover design

The spectacular new large format brochure from Futronix showcases the mood lighting pioneer's development – past, present and future.

Beneath its' minimalist all-white cover, the new 48-page brochure – the keystone of Futronix's ongoing documentation program – features comprehensive information about the company's policies and principles, history and innovations over 19 years, as well as dimmer products, applications and recent projects worldwide – even supporting the brand name by racing the Futronix team car in European F3 motor racing.

Futronix brochure Home-Icon spread

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Energy-efficient lighting with PFS & PFR System intelligent switching controllers

Futronix PFS digital switching dimmer

'Scene' dimmers represent the decorative side of dimming – subtle or dazzling effects, ever-changing moods and colors, pre-programmed light and sound shows – but there is another side to dimming – 'scene' switching! Futronix 'scene' dimmers all feature switching control capability as well as scene dimming and 1-10v fluorescent dimming. However, for medium and large projects where intelligent control of non-dim lighting lighting loads is required but 'scene' dimming is not needed, the efficiency, power and applications of Futronix PFR & PFS Systems come into their own.

Futronix manufactures two systems designed specifically to fulfill these requirements – the PFR System and the PFS System. In such cases, lighting is frequently wired in alternate banks so that overall 'dimming' may be achieved by simply switching OFF different banks of lighting to achieve specified lighting requirements and energy efficiencies.

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Slender elegance, flawless finish – ultra-thin screwless switchplates by Futronix!

Futronix Glass Eclipse ultra sleek design

Futronix recently introduced yet another technical innovation – for the first time, genuinely flush-mounted screwless switchplates for manual or remote operation of installed dimmer systems.

Unsightly screws and thick sub-panels camouflaging a switchplate's actual depth are now a thing of the past, thanks to Futronix's patented screwless locking mechanism.

A permanently-bonded composite of plastic and stainless steel produces ultra-thin switchplates with secure and remountable locking – and with no screws to spoil the appearance of the elegant faceplates!

Wall-mounted switchpanels act as multi-point outstations for operation of dimmers; typically they include an infra-red receiver for programming and operation commands from remote controllers, combined with blue LEDs or a window for displaying system status.

Décor plates and switch operation are fully interchangeable for all models, providing mix'n'match capability for any purpose, including dedicated switchpanels for 'welcome', dual-zone, 'trail of light' and other convenient functions – all with handy ON/OFF keys. Décor plates are crafted of solid metal, available in finishes of polished or brushed stainless, brass and white metal, or stylish new Eclipse switchplates in frosted glass and polished stainless steel.

For the first time, a genuinely flush-mounted screwless switchplate!

Home resort garden layout
Sandstone paths & wall panels set off a relaxing garden & pool area, lit by up/down wall sconces

Recessed cove lighting in a lounge
Indirect fluorescent lighting, muted colors, and a modernist design storage wall give a classic feeling to the lounge

Enviroscene dimmers & lighting controllers
Stylish Enviroscene chassis are fabricated from corrosion-proof stainless steel, with welded seams, durable powder coated finish and integral X-Bus databus connectors

Larger screen, updated menus enhance Home-Icon TouchScreen
Home-Icon touchscreen for Futronix dimmers and lighting control

A substantially larger 8.5" diag. touch screen and upgraded menus are the latest improvements to the Futronix Home-Icon TouchScreen, an already excellent and fully-functional dimmer interface.


Touch-screen size expands to 8.5" diag., graphics visibility increases with 800x600 dpi screen resolution, while improved navigation menus enhance navigation, programming and operation, and overall ease of use.


The Home-Icon from Futronix is a dedicated GUI interface for centralized linking and control of Futronix dimmers of various types into a coherent networked dimmer system – whether for a suite of rooms or a complex multi-storey building.


Typical applications for Home-Icon touch screens include controlling lighting and automated systems for luxury homes and apartments; quality hotels, spas and resorts; commercial complexes, auditoriums and conference/seminar facilities – in fact, any project where centrally linking and controlling dimmers would be beneficial or convenient.

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     Futronix Glass Eclipse wall switch design shown at an angle
Stylish Eclipse in stainless & glass

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