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Ambiance - Volume 4 Issue 1 index

4/1 Index

SHOWCASE - Times Square in Kuala Lumpur

Located right in the heart of the central business district of Kuala Lumpur, the spectacular Times Square Hotel & Convention Center is already established as a major venue for key conferencing and banqueting functions. Sitting on top of the city with spectacular views, the Times Square complex houses the largest indoor amusement park in Asia – with 14 major rides – and the largest shopping area in Asia – with 900 retail shops and 65 food and entertainment outlets – plus an IMAX 3D and 2D theatre, and a 9-screen Cineplex. The adjoining Times Square Hotel offers 900 luxuriously appointed suites, and several international restaurants.

And Times Square Hotel & Convention Center really means business when it comes to providing quality conference and banquet facilities. As well as the pillar-less Manhattan Ballroom that can accommodate up to 2,700 persons for a cocktail reception and 1,400 persons for a banquet function, there are the Pre-Function area and 7 Conference Boardrooms plus the Foyer area available for functions of all kinds – conference, theatre, dining or cocktails. Total maximum guest capacity for functions is 5,500 persons.

Throughout this superb project, Times Square relied on Futronix PFX Systems and other Futronix components to provide their conference and hotel guests – as well as thrill-seekers, shoppers, and diners – with the benefits of the most reliable, fully-featured all-digital lighting and automation controls available.

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Creating Total Cinema Ambience

Home cinema lighting scene series

"The house lights dimmed, curtains parted, and the movie faded in from black..."

As Home Cinemas evolve, the original core elements – big screens and surround sound systems – are rapidly being joined by theatre-style seating, curtains and automated lighting systems. And Futronix' various systems now provide the very latest in Home Cinema lighting.

As modern life becomes ever more hectic, homeowners increasingly want to turn their homes into an oasis. Popular TV home-decoration shows both drive and reflect this trend. Previously a luxury of the rich, successfully emulating full size cinemas in their homes has now become a pleasurable pastime for many. And dimmer - an essential ingredient for creating the ultimate movie theatre experience - is undoubtedly becoming a must-have for the dedicated enthusiast. What is dimmer? What does it offer? How does it work? Where can I get my hands on it?

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Stena Adventurer
Built in the Far East by Hyundai in 2003, now operates on the Holyhead to Dublin route. The vessel is 211m long and can carry 1,500 passengers. Extensive use was made of both coloured low-voltage and dimmable fluorescent lighting. A network of ship-approved PFX dimmer systems operates the lighting in the cinema, bars, restaurants, casino and gaming areas.

Stena Adventurer luxury ship


Moby line luxury ship
Moby Lines
Built by Daewoo in South Korea, the ships operate between Genoa to Olbia (Sardinia) and Genoa to Bastia. The glass frontage is one large multi-level show lounge. Lighting here is controlled by a Futronix PFX dimmer system along with the lighting in the other bars, lounges and restaurants.


The Futronix P800 - designed for durability & ease of installation

P800 dimmer pre-wired wall box
P800 dimmer pre-wired wall box

The unique P800 comes with its own wall back-box, fabricated of robust steel with welded corners for strength, and welded screw lugs to prevent them being knocked out when clearing away plaster after decorators have finished their work.

The box is pre-wired with flexible wiring – easily folded to fit into the box – with colour-coded cable markers, large earth terminals, built-in fuse holder and high quality German made connectors. This means that the electrician simply fits the wall box and connects the building's wiring to the connector on the back. Then, once the wall decoration is finished, the P800 dimmer is simply plugged into the back-box connector and screwed into the back-box.

Pre-function overhead lighting area
The Manhattan Ballroom Foyer hosts 1,200 for cocktails with ease

Asia's largest ballroom lit for dinner
The Manhattan Ballroom seats 1,000 for round-table functions, and 2,700 for theatre events

Colour Touch-Screen Control
Touch Screen


A touch of brilliance!

Provides one-touch control for Home Cinema lighting – or for whole-house system control!

Futronix recently introduced the Home-Icon Colour Touch Screen control – the latest in high-end lighting and home-automation controls for any luxury home or commercial environment.

Home-Icon enhances a home-owner's lifestyle by automating life's everyday tasks, such as setting ligh

ting levels for TV or film viewing, operating curtains, screens or Home Cinema and AV equipment – it can even control your HVAC.

'Home-Icon' integrates all these systems under one seamless control system, which is self-programmable to meet all user requirements via the Touch Screen control.

Fully web enabled with its own web site pages and dynamic data display, Home-Icon combines ease of operation and flexibility with all features set-up from the colour touch-screen interface.

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