RefLED PAR-16GU10 - 6.5W
LED United LEDAR 111D
15W AR111 dimmable
M-16 R7W SI-M8T085AD1EU

As with conventional lamps there are many benefits to dimming LEDs. They create ambiance, enhance flexibility, maximize energy savings, extend system life, increase productivity, and provide a safe, comfortable environment. Additionally, more energy can by saved by dimming LEDs - if they are dimmed down to 50% of their light output, the saving is nearly 50% of the associated energy usage.

There are LEDs available for almost every type of application, both residential and commercial. However, in order to meet energy-saving performance and aesthetic expectations, it is essential to carefully choose the model of LED and work closely with a quality dimmer manufacturer.

Please check the list of different types of LED lamps that have been selected tested and approve as compatible with Futronix dimmers. Additionally, we provide a free LED lamp testing service if you wish to send your lamps to us.


For more information on Understanding Compatibility, please see here:

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