The P400 Dimmer

P400 lighting dimmer control panel

Perfect for your home cinema, living areas and den rooms! The Futronix P400 scene dimmers puts the convenience of total room lighting control at your fingertips with four channels of all-digital dimming

The P800 Dimmer

P800 Dimmer Switch by Futronix

The P800 dimmer puts the luxury of multi-room control in your hands. Your favourite lighting levels in four rooms can be operated from the attractive wall mounted switch panels. You can create the mood or set the scene in each area for every purpose.

Home Automation

RM40 Home Automation Futronix 300px

For switching loads like fluorescent ballasts, non-dim loads and curtain/drape motors. Features high capacity plug-in relays for easy maintenance, and double changeover contacts for dual-motor curtains and drapes.