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Dimmable LEDs and Futronix Dimmers

Dimmable LED Lamps – white paper

Over the last few years LEDs have gained in popularity due to their energy-saving
nature and increased lifespan. Typical savings (based on 3 hours per day use) for an
LED lamp replacing a 50W halogen is quoted at $1.57 per year, and for a PAR 38 flood
light replacement $2.53 per year.

Today LEDs are more affordable than ever and come in a wide range of standard lampfitting
sizes, with colours ranging from warm through to bright white. The best lighting
designers use LEDs especially for accent lighting, and blend their schemes with other
lamp types such as tungsten, halogen, halide and fluorescent. By mixing different lamp
types together, a more attractive blend of overall lighting hues and visual quality can be

It should be noted that there is a huge range of LED lamps on the market; some of
these are from well known brands, while others are OEM China brands. All LEDs are
switchable while some are partially, or fully dimmable. It should always be assumed that
a lamp marked “non-dimmable” is ONLY switchable – though there may be minimum
load requirements if a dimmer channel is used for switching, instead of a relay channel.

The dimmability of an LED is dependent on the driver circuitry, and in particular the
microchip inside the Lamp. The best circuits and chips have a cost of several dollars
each, so the likelihood is that in order to save cost the cheaper OEM Chinese lamps will
not possess the best of these. Therefore, we recommend and have tested the more
expensive well known brand lamps, but also included some other brands that we have
LEDs from the approved DIMMABLE list below can dim successfully

Our latest white paper gives a detailed explanation about dimmable LEDs and types that are compatible with Futronix dimmers

dimmable LED lamps and futronix dimmersFutronix compatible dimmable LEDs
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